2022 is shaping up to be a promising year for Basetime

To read the Dutch version click here 2021 was an eventful year, which was filled with its fair share of ups and downs. Luckily 2021 proved to be mostly positive for Basetime! After three years of development, Basetime BV was formally established and we launched our high precision monitoring device, the Locator One. The proof is […]

Innovative Monitoring of Settlement

To read the Dutch version click here The original version of the article was published in Dutch in the magazine GWW edition 06-2021 on page 164. Innovative Monitoring of Settlement A range of innovative techniques are being used for the Gorinchem-Waardenburg (Netherlands) dyke improvement. One of the selected innovations is the Locator One. A Dutch development […]

The first Locator Ones placed at dike reinforcement Gorinchem–Waardenburg

To read the Dutch version click here The time has come, the first 104 of a total of more than 200 Locator One devices have been installed on the Gorinchem – Waardenburg dike reinforcement project! Commissioned by the Waalensemble consortium (Heijmans, GMB, De Vries & van de Wiel and supported by advisor Royal Haskoning DHV) […]

The Automated Measurements of Settlement Rods

To read the Dutch version click here One of our first applications is the automated measurement of settlement rods. Geotechnical departments must gain insights into the settlement of the original ground level, and the compaction of the additional material applied. To obtain this information, the placed settlement rods must be monitored periodically. Traditionally, this task […]

Dutch innovation for measuring subsidence deployed worldwide

PRESS RELEASE Dutch innovation for measuring subsidence deployed worldwide Specialists SODAQ and Richtlijn Geodesie start new company Basetime HILVERSUM/HOUTEN, 20 September 2021 – The subsidence or displacement of roads, railroad tracks, dykes, quays, residential areas, buildings and other objects can now be measured and monitored automatically, remotely and completely CO2-neutral. The two Dutch companies SODAQ […]

Locator One: The Future of Deformation Monitoring

Locator One is our first device, engineered to autonomously monitor your construction grounds. By placing a fleet of devices at settlement rods, deformation observations are collected resulting in high accurate data delivered to the Basetime dashboard or a preferred information system. FOR WHO? Governmental authorities, construction companies, maritime corporations and geodetic and geotechnical engineers that […]